What are 5 sexual health issues men should be aware of

Male sexual dysfunction can also include a huge variety of issues, ranging from low libido, this premature ejaculation, erectile Dysfunction, & other problems. When many men know that these problems are widespread, they can also be challenging to talk about. Maximum men wait several months, or even years, before raising the issue with their primary care medical person.

Thankfully, both abnormal and normal male sexual functions are better understood medically than ever before. Professor of medicine in clinical psychiatry, the active faculty specializes in sexual medicine. Now with the help of medical science there, you can get a lot of sexologist doctors who can help you to get rid of this.

An experienced medical expert shared their insight into the main connection between male physical, sexual & mental health.

Sexual issues can signal cardiovascular or some other medical problems

According to a man, any man who experiences the change in erection, libido, or ejaculation should bring this actually up to their primary care physician. And the problem which lasts for various months can indicate a maximum medical severe pain, which should also be addressed:

  • Early ejaculation can also develop just because of nerve injury, medication or some other direct urinary conditions.
  • The change in libido or an erection can be the first signal of diabetes.
  • Issues with erection or libido can be related to the hormonal imbalance
  • Erection issues can signify a cardiovascular problem or prostate cancer.

There is the vital link between mental health and sexual function

It is quite clear that there is a strong connection between depression and ED. This is essential to diagnose this psychiatric illness to improve sexual function. People often search about Ayurveda sexologists near me to get the needed advice.

Often this sexual function is also improved by managing, addressing & travelling anxiety & depression.

Medications for mental illness can cause sexual function changes for varying degrees

There is a huge misconception that the medications for mental illness also cause some sexual issues. Still, the specific data is also clear that the sexual function is more likely to improve while the mental illness is treated. You can contact the best sexologist in Delhi NCR for a permanent solution.


Fifty to seventy per cent often do not experience any sexual side effects from medications. Men taking medicines for some severe psychiatric disorders are more likely to experience the sexual side effect.