Shipping a 20 Ft Container? Answers to 5 Common Questions About International Container Shipping

Do you want to pay less for international shipping? Then there is a full disclosure how you can save 25% – 45% on international shipping – and still keep your current shipping provider (if you want).

If you disagree that saving is important, stop here.

Life of small and medium-sized 중국배대지 businesses is much harder than the life of big corporations. Big corporations paying less for goods, when they buying in bulk. They have discounted shipping rates. They even saving on office supplies. When you paying in full for papers and pens, they paying small part of the price.

But now you have a chance to save on shipping. Especially on international shipping – 25% or more.

Saving is important part of any business, but, suddenly, by statistics, small and medium-sized businesses not so serious about saving. No wonder that every year about 20 000 small businesses went bankrupt.

Big corporations are serious about saving… You, probably, heard those stories like story of Mondy Packaging Inc. which renovated fuel system in order to save 6% of fuel cost. And about Staples’ new packaging system for saving about 8% on shipping and storage expenses. And many others, where big renovations help to save several bucks here and there.

Saving is important, even crucial. The more you can save, the more you keep in your pocket. And if you can save $10 on everyday operations, in 30 days it would be $300 and in a year much more…

And now you can save on international shipping…

When you see high shipping costs, you may feel disappointment, but there is a real disappointment… Do you know that many other companies, your primary competitors, who is selling very same goods as you do, paying only portion of the shipping cost?

Many clever businessmen use shipping rates, that may seem incredible to you:

– An Express mail from Boston, MA to London (United Kingdom) only $30.39.
– A 20 lb parcel from Los Angeles, CA to Toronto (Canada) only $86.98.
– A 50 lb package from Detroit, MI to Mexico City (Mexico) only $147.69.