Professional Solar Installation vs DIY – Pro & Cons

The solar panel house is a great way to produce clean and renewable energy from the sun. If you have considered going solar, you can choose between professional solar installations and do-it-yourself options. Both can be successful, but which is the right for you? Here are the three main factors that need to be considered:

1. Price

Watts for watts, DIY solar projects will almost certainly cost less than professional solar installations. Some kits only include instructions to build and arrange your home solar panels, where more expensive kits come with panels, inverters, and instructions. If you go Newcastle Solar Installations the DIY route, the panel built by a company that has a good reputation with a good guarantee is a much better bet than you assembled itself.

On the other hand, quotes from a good solar installer will include site evaluation, system design, spare parts, labor, and interconnection. Some solar installers will also help you file a piece of solar. Many federal and local incentives are only available for professional solar installations.

2. Installation

Each project involving electricity requires you to find out what you are doing. If you think you have good electrical knowledge about electricity, a small single solar panel kit is a good way to preview what you will do with a larger project. If you do a lot of DIY projects, you may already know the hidden fees in time and frustration. However, if you are useful and willing to do research and labor, you might be ready for the challenge of installing your own home solar panel. Don’t forget about building permission!

One of the main advantages of professional solar power installations is that every aspect is handled by experienced professionals, from applying building permits, to determine the best location for your solar panel, to connect with the grid and pass the final development and electrical inspection. Your solar installer will be able to deal with any problems that arise, and improve your system and run on schedule.

3. Quality & efficiency solar panels

The quality of the panel in kits can vary greatly, so you have to do research. Efficiency and durability are important components of your solar panel system capabilities to reduce your energy bills. Efficiency is also influenced by your solar panel location and your roof orientation. If you are DIY, you need to specify the optimal location for your panel.